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Benefits of 12 Week Body Transformation Programme

Staying in perfect shape and enjoying fitness is something everybody looks forward to. If you too are looking for an effective workout that shows measurable results in real time, then the twelve week transformation programme is just perfect for you. This is a unique, killer workout spread over twelve weeks (or three months) that guarantees to put you in shape you never imagined was possible.

Sessions are conducted at over 15 different locations spread all over Sydney at different time slots throughout the day for maximum convenience. All you have to do is log on to the website and register yourself to enjoy all the exclusive benefits of this unique body transformation programme.

Benefits of Joining the 12 week body transformation Programme

There are innumerable benefits of joining this one-of-a-kind programme that is surely being conducted right now at a location near your place. Apart from guidance of top trainers and nutritionists, you also learn how to de-stress your mind and can also connect with like-minded individuals for priceless support and motivation.

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Pre-session Induction

The programme is scientifically oriented to take care of everything you will need in order to succeed and reach your fitness goal on time. A week before joining, you will receive everything required to prepare you for the sessions ahead including your diet plan, shopping list (for groceries, attire or shoes or anything else), list of healthy recipes, guidance on how to give up indulgences (alcohol, junk food, fizzy drinks etc) and tips on mental preparation.

Affordable Programme for Everybody

This unique programme unbelievably costs a fraction of what you can expect to spend on personal training. The fees are highly affordable so that more and more people can join and work their way to health and fitness.

The programme even offers student discount on furnishing appropriate documents. There are also heavily discounted trail programmes so that you can make an informed choice and be absolutely confident of where you are putting your money. Do note that spots are limited and registration is offered on a first come first serve basis.

Ideally Suited for the Extremely Unfit

This dangerously fit 12 week body transformation programme is perfectly suited even for the dangerously unfit or for those who have never worked out before. Here you will find others in similar condition; all eager to get in shape as safely and quickly as possible. However, everything is done under the watchful eyes of trained crew so that you never push yourself too hard yet stay outside your comfort zone. The programme is structured to keep you stimulated yet injury free. And don’t worry! You’re gonna get more than 1 meal a day in you nutrition plan is perfectly.

Unlimited Access to Multiple Locations and Timeslots

The 12 week body transformation programme is guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals in real quick time. This is because once you join, you gain unrestricted access to all the classes held over 15 locations spread all over Sydney and conducted throughout the day. This means there is never any chance of your missing a particular session for any reason whatsoever! Just join your nearest class whenever convenient to you so that you can continue training each and every day, six days a week. And on Sundays and days you cannot train, you can access an e-book or online library for a wide range of explosive workouts that can be done at home.

Five Mistakes to Avoid when Working Out after a Long Gap

When you return to working out after a long break, you could very well feel that your body doesn’t feel the way it used to and it seems to take more effort to perform the exercises you used to do earlier. Working out under the supervision of your gold coast trainer will enable you avoid common mistakes.

Don’t Go At It Hammer and Tongs

Just because you might have been a particular level of fitness before you had taken a break does not mean that you can return to the same level the day you resume. Any professional personal fitness trainer will advise you to start slowly. You can keep doing the same exercises as before but the intensity needs to be much lower to prevent exhaustion and injury. Don’t attempt to prolong the sessions beyond 45 minutes every alternate day.

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Don’t Make Exercising a Boring Affair

Your return to a regular exercise schedule will be far more fruitful if you find out activities that you really enjoy. Making a comeback is difficult as it is without making the affair deadly boring. Consult your trainer to choose a set of activities that will ensure working out all your muscle groups and additionally make the experience so enjoyable that you actually start looking forward to it. Taking along a friend or even your dog or listening to music can be good techniques.

Being Impatient About Results

The fact that a return to former physical fitness cannot be done overnight is a no-brainer. It is completely unreasonable and even foolish to expect that you would get back your earlier levels of fitness in a jiffy so a whole lot of patience is required. At first the going would be pretty tough, you soon you will find yourself revelling in your progress and you are sure to be back on track in six to eight weeks. Take your trainer into confidence about your goals as well as the symptoms of fatigue you may be experiencing to enable him tweak the exercises appropriately.

Don’t Get Obsessed With Calories

When you are in a rush to get back to optimal physical fitness after a long break, it is very easy to be obsessed with calories and how to reduce fat levels. It is more important to change your dietary habits because a balanced and nutritious diet is more responsible for your fitness levels than workouts because only hormonal signals will inform the brain when to burn fat or otherwise. You eating habits should actually lay the foundation of your physical fitness with your exercise regimen triggering the hormonal signals.

More Is Better

There is a common belief that the more your exercise, the better off you are. This is simply not true as pushing yourself too hard might cause your blood sugar levels to bottom and you could find yourself craving for food that in all likelihood will replace more calories that you burnt off in the first place. In fact as your gold coast trainer will inform you working out for too long increases the cortisol level that in turn starts breaking down muscle. You also need to give your body adequate rest so that it gets the time to rebuild itself. Ask your gold coast trainer to chalk out a fitness regimen for you to follow. If you don’t have a personal trainer yet, time to take action and visit for a free consultation.


Ways to Ensure you Avoid Putting on Weight When on Holiday

A holiday is a dream-come-true for you, a time when you can really relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones or in solitude. It’s also the time when restrictions are down and you really love to indulge yourself all the way! However, a few days or weeks of unbridled joy should not become a cause for concern later. Yes, holidays are the most susceptible time for weight gain because of various reasons. If you are not careful enough about how you conduct yourself, you can easily put all the good work done with Rushcutters Bay personal training to waste. A few pointers can help you restrain yourself and ensure that you do not gain a huge amount of weight during your holidays.

Maintaining your Body Weight during Holidays

Understandably, holidays are the time when you pay little attention to all the restrictions imposed by your Rushcutters Bay personal training on your regular routine and diet. You love to indulge in different cuisines, party a lot and indulge in alcohol. You may also skip regular workouts which, as your personal trainer will emphasise; is so essential for maintaining an ideal body weight. The best way is therefore to enjoy your holidays responsibly so that you don’t to work extra hard under your personal trainer once you return home.

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Keep your Mind off Food

Food is one of the most integral thrills of a holiday. Local cuisines, exotic spreads, lavish dinners all leave their mark on your girth without you even being aware of it. A lot of it can however be avoided with mental strength. Use your holidays to explore other areas of your destination and not just the gastronomic delights. Even among local cuisine or hotel food, search for healthier options and stick to them.

Avoid Partying Frequently

Don’t use your vacations as an excuse to unleash the party animal within you. While on a holiday, keep yourself engaged meaningfully by enrolling for long tours and sightseeing programmes. These should keep you busy enough and tired enough so that you don’t really miss the party guys.

Weigh yourself Regularly

Your Rushcutters Bay personal training will tell you that one of the best and easiest ways of maintaining your body weight during holidays is to weigh yourself at regular intervals. Maintain a chart so that you are exactly aware of whether you are being able to stay in shape.

Learn to Manage Portions

The art of portion controlling is a great tool in weight management. Your personal trainer is the best person to show you how to do is safely and effectively without disturbing your daily calorie requirements. As per his advice, you must practise how much to take of which food groups; how to select the healthiest food options even at parties; how to identify food laden with empty calories; how to calculate your daily calorie requirement and so on.

Workout whenever Possible

Your personal trainer will tell you that even while on holidays you must never discontinue exercising. Many hotels and resorts offer gym facilities for guests which you can check out. Otherwise, search in the vicinity for a suitable gym or outdoor workout programme for tourists. If nothing else, you can always go for long walks and treks which are simply great for fat burning.

How Fitness Certifications Helps Your Trainer in Helping You Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

Over the years, people across the world have become extremely passionate about exercise, fitness and healthy living. This is understandable as people finally realize that health is wealth and staying fit is the need of the hour. If you have never exercised before or finding it difficult to start on your own, you can hire the service of a personal trainer.

Although such trainers do not come cheap, hiring them is more beneficial and effective than training under an amateur. Trainers with a fitness instructor certification really know their trade inside you. Only they have the knowledge required to really help you achieve your fitness goal within your deadline.

Fitness Certifications are a Sign of Extensive Knowledge

Fitness training has serious repercussions on your health and overall wellbeing. When done correctly, it can transform you from a weak or obese person into someone flaunting a strong and well-toned body. However, a wrong approach can wreck havoc on your health by making you prone to injuries or early burnout.

You therefore need a trainer who has really studied the science of fitness training; its different techniques and approaches; its repercussions on human health; its relation to diet and nutrition and so on. In other words, certifications really help your trainer gain that knowledge which is required to help you reach your fitness goal in a safe and gradual manner.

Fitness Certifications help in Goal Setting

The first step towards an achievable and effective fitness programme is goal setting. Here too, trainers with fitness certifications score over amateurs. Certified trainers have actually learnt and mastered the art of goal setting as part of their curriculum.

They know how to asses individual client condition correctly, understand your specific needs and then arrive at a goal that can be achieved by you. They will also plan for you so that your progress can be measured at regular intervals and your improvement is gradual and safe.

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Only Certified Trainers can address your Exclusive Needs

Sometime, your fitness needs may be more than just trying to lose weight. You may actually want to gain weight and build muscles or train for a specific sports event. Or maybe you want to train because you want to remain healthy, flexible and fit during your pregnancy.

Or some people want personal trainers to help them recover after an accident or illness. If ever you have such niche requirements, only certified trainers with an epti fitness certification can offer the kind of expertise and care you are looking for.

Trainers With Fitness Certifications Are More Organized And Structured

You have to hire only certified trainers when you want to see real results that can be measured, charted and compiled. Yes, trainers who are certified have been taught the importance of regular assessment of a client’s progress. They know the tools and techniques required to map your progress correctly so that you know exactly where you are headed for.

With amateurs, you may go on exercising for months without seeing any appreciable improvement. Certified trainers also know how to keep you motivated and how to prevent fitness plateaus from ruining your progress.

Always hire a personal trainer that has the best qualifications, and if you need help finding one go to Every month thousands of personal trainers visit this site to check out the latest job openings.